Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Journey to a more blissful life!

          I know it has indeed been awhile since I last wrote an entry here. I would like to share it to all of you but it would surely take up most of my time, to make it short just as what life gives all of us I have been through ups and downs this year. A major incident happened and it really crushed down all of me, it affected my whole entire being but that incident made me strong and I'm proud of where I am right now.

          The most important thing after all the hardship I went through is being blessed with a baby. Yes, you read that right! I am having a baby and I found out about during my 6 month. It was indeed a surprise, I never had any pregnancy symptoms such as early morning sickness, but I did went through a major weight lose starting March on wards. It did not really bother me as I was very busy with work, getting barely enough sleep and I always get to skip meals. I just noticed my baby bump on my birthday pictures, and it is where I decided that I'm going to take a pregnancy test. I did 2 and both gave me positive results.

         Finding out about my pregnancy made a drastic change in my life, I learned to be very patient, to be brave and make important decisions (which I'm not good at before), to save up this time for my birth and my baby, and to really prioritize my needs vs. my wants. Also, most importantly I became much closer to God and my family. Everyone has been very supportive and is very excited.

         Being a first time mom entails me to a lot of "first" as well, like choosing the right OB/Gyne, choosing the right hospital, Do's and Don'ts and many more which moving forward I would like to share in this blog for other first time times to know too and I hope this will help as I have also been reading a lot of blogs and it gave me a lot of tips regarding pregnancy etc. which I will be posting really soon.

        I would also like to take this chance to announce to everyone to... 

I will be sharing to all of you soon his baby name as well and many many more towards this new and wonderful journey I am taking. 

iamdriza :)