Wednesday, December 19, 2012

{Moving on & Lessons learned}

M.I.A for 5 months, I'm probably one of the worst blogger in the world but I do have an excuse for that! Things did not go well last July onwards with my current Job and after 4 years I decided to leave for good. It was a tough decision to make and I had to consider a lot of things such as my financial status and most importantly my family's needs. Honestly, it was hard to accept I hate leaving a place where I consider as my second home, and with the people I already consider my family but as they CHANGE is the only thing constant in this life. Surprisingly, as the days went by I moved on and became a lot more happier! No more pressure, unnecessary issues, office politics, quota's and such. Leaving and moving on made me realize that's there's a bigger world out there to conquer and a lot of opportunities to prosper. Leaving the company also taught me a lot of lessons both negative and positive, something I'd always consider in making decisions and conversing with people.

On a positive note, I already have a new job which I started about a month ago. It's a big company with a lot of opportunities which I look forward too, and the best of all new friends! I'm so inspired to work a lot more harder for my family. Probably from now on I can blog more as compared to before, I just need to learn how to organize my time and priorities.