Wednesday, October 29, 2008

what will tomorrow bring?

there's always a point in your life
when you're really tired & you're ready to give up...

but after a few moments, you realize its not yet over
and its still worth fighting for...

but then, you stop and think... is it really worth fighting for?

... i have come this far in my life, not knowing where im heading.
There are some decisions i have always regreted doing, but forgot making the same mistake all over again.

im afraid of what the future brings, it might be good or will it be bad luck again?

you are, what you made of yourself...

but who am i?
im a different person when im at home
when im with him
when im with my friends
and when im at work...

there's only one common thing

i LOVE deeply...
and being emotional brings me nowhere else but sadness & loneliness in my life...

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