Tuesday, July 21, 2009

D Day!!!

July 21, 2009

My 21st bday… I woke up unhappy. There are a few things I’d regret that I didn’t do. The chances that I should have taken, but I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it wasn’t for some tough decisions I made. I’m a grown up now. Old memories came rushing back to me last night; I was looking at my old baby pictures. I remember how it was happy to be a child back then, the innocent princess… I started to miss my family again, mostly my papa. Wishing if he was only alive, id surely be in a different place right now and id surely be happily celebrating my bday with my family back in Cebu, but everything’s so different than it was 9 years ago.
My bday's almost over, and the only person that really matters for me to greet me right now, even with a simple sms is my mother, but she did not even manage to do so for whatever reason, maybe because she is still mad at me... or DID SHE FORGET THAT I WAS EVEN ALIVE?

After all I’ve been through, I’m so thankful for what I have right now. I’m totally blessed by God and so is my family. Problems have been coming from time to time but then I still have the courage and strength to conquer it. I’m getting older each and everyday, a lot of time has been wasted. Right now, i just want to succeed in every career I’m going to take. I want to love myself first before anyone else, and I wish to still be strong in the next years to come… Happy Birthday to me!!!

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