Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Outrage as bleeding China toddler left on street.

I have promised to myself that I will do my best not to post any negativity to this blog, but I can't stop myself from sharing this very ungrateful event that had happened in China. Please read the article below I got from Yahoo News.

Outrage as bleeding China toddler left on street

More than a dozen passers-by ignored a two-year-old girl as she lay critically injured on a street insouthern China after being run over twice, the official Xinhua news agency said Monday.
The incident has sparked outrage on China's hugely popular social media sites.
Surveillance cameras showed a series of people walk past the girl, named Yue Yue, after she was hit first by a van and then a truck outside her family's shop in the southern Chinese city of Foshan.
Xinhua said a rubbish collector who finally came to the girl's aid, moving her to the curb and shouting for help, was ignored by several shopkeepers before he finally tracked down her mother who took her to hospital.
In response, one netizen on Sina Weibo, a Chinese micro-blog similar to Twitter, wrote: "This society is seriously ill. Even cats and dogs shouldn't be treated so heartlessly."
But others linked the incident to an earlier case in which a man who tried to help an elderly woman after she fell over was prosecuted, apparently because his intervention broke government rules on dealing with accident victims.
Doctors said Yue Yue was in a coma and unlikely to survive the ordeal.
"She would not be able to survive any operations. She's very close to brain death," a spokesman for the hospital treating her told AFP.
Police have detained the drivers of both vehicles involved in the incident, Xinhua said.
Warning: Graphic video

Disturbing video of a hit and runA closed circut camera captures a hit and run in China, along with onlookers who did nothing to help. Julie Noce reports.

This is so saddening, I was very frightened when I watched the video. The first thing that came up into my mind was my siblings and how lucky for us not to be living in China where people are very cruel. I have nothing against China, but the way their laws  are being implemented there is crazy! Imagine if they don't have those stupid laws the poor child would have been saved! There are a lot I can say, but I don't want to dwell on it more.

I am very thankful that even if I live in a country where poverty is very high, and there's crab mentality everywhere, plus a government filled with corrupt officials, we don't have laws that does not allow us to help those people in an accident.

I do hope everyone learns from this. This are one of the reasons why we should value life.



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