Monday, May 7, 2012

Turbo Suzuki Cup 2012

Last Sunday, we went off to the southern part of Luzon which is Candelaria, Quezon. A 3 hour drive from our place in Cavite. We went there with our team: OGIPTECH Racing to compete in the Turbo Suzuki Cup 2012 for the 180cc Automatic division, and guess what? we won 2nd place. :) Not bad for our 2nd time to join this kind of competition, and we fought with the best guys in the drag racing industry! 

KUDOS to Kuya Roel, Neg, Billy and the rest of the guys for all the hard work! :)



Drag Racing has been a part of me & my boyf's life, due to the fact that we both love cars, scooters, and motorbikes along with our friends. It's a fun way to bond, at least we both love the same thing and it doesn't contradict with our hobbies. 

“When it's difficult like this, the taste (of winning) is better.”

- Valentino Rossi


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Laura @ Travelocafe said...

All kind of racing is insanely fun! In Valencia we have F1 and MotoGP and the whole city gets into racing fever every year.

Pax de Deux said...

@Laura - I definitely agree! Racing is super duper fun :) I envy you, I haven't been to any MotoGP events, and that's one of my greatest dreams!

Ers said...

an interesting sports but very dangerous.

I'd rather watch these kinds of events than be one of the racers.