Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Sacrifice, A choice and Moving on.

I know that one of the goals I have for this year is to blog more, but I haven't been really in the mood lately. One of the major reasons why I haven't been posting is because I'm still mourning from my Lola's death early January this year. There are no words, that can explain how sad me and my family are right now. I am aware that she is already in a good place now, because lately I have been dreaming about her and she is somewhat telling me that I no longer need to worry because she is already happy there. 

Another reason, is that after this incident I've been thinking of going back to Cebu for good. Not just because I am no longer happy here in Manila but I missed my family already. I realized that they needed me there, the same way I feel too. I just want a brand new start with my family again, even if it means leaving my job and my boyfriend. Right now, I am very confused. I continue to pray and ask God for better guidance in my decisions

I have so many regrets in life, one of that is leaving my family before, but I know I still have time to make it up to them.


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