Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hello November... (OOTD)

We are now down to the last 8 weeks of the year 2011 and I am very excited to be going back home this Christmas! So, I’ve listed some things to do before leaving.

 ·        Purchase plane tickets to CEBU (highly achievable)
·        Purchase pasalubongs for siblings (highly achievable)
·        Purchase new phone (some what achievable)
·        Lose at least 10 pounds within 1 month (some what achievable)
·        Save up! (some what achievable)
·        Update my blog (achievable)

Honestly, I am not good at fulfilling this kind of things but I do hope I can cross out at least 2 of those, most importantly the plane tickets.

On a different note, here’s another OOTD. Taken at Diamond Hotel's beautiful rest room. I need to work more on this; my shy part’s stopping me when it comes to outfit post.

Blazer: Jewels
Bandage Dress: Get Laud!
Shoes: Primadonna
Bag: Thrifted
Accesories: Bazaar


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